10-60x56 CM II High Performance

MOA shooters take note: The new 10-60x56 CM II High Performance is now available with a MOA reticle in the second focal plane and suitable turret configuration with MOA click adjustment from ⅛ MOA!


The new riflescope for all who value maximum precision and accuracy. Whether Bench Rest, F-Class, Long Range or Extreme Long Range, the new 10-60x56 CM II High Performance is especially developed for competition shooting.

The 10-60x56 CM II High Performance is the latest development of our 6x zoom optics designs and impresses with powerful features: The large field of view, together with the generous exit pupil, allows comfortable target acquisition and sets a new benchmark. The 56 mm objective lens diameter with a light transmission of over 90 % provides a clear, bright and high contrast image even at extreme magnification. The “LPI” enables the use of 11 step illumination and the 20 m to infinity parallax adjustment with one simple handgrip. The riflescope is equipped with a new mrad-based M1FL competition reticle in first focal plane.

With a main tube diameter of 34 mm, the 10-60x56 CM II High Performance achieves an elevation adjustment range of over 23 mrad. Click values of 0.1 mrad are possible with the Double Turn II+ elevation turret and 0.05 mrad with the Multi Turn II.

Thanks to the use of high-performance aluminum and the special design, this product also ensures the usual Schmidt & Bender stability and allows the riflescope to be used from –40 °C to +61 °C. Despite the solid construction and its superior optical quality, the weight of the 10-60x56 CM II High Performance is less than 1000 g.



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LPI (Leucht-Parallaxe Integriert = Illumination Parallax integrated)

The new 10-60x56 CM II High Performance features the new “LPI” function – “LPI” means „Illumination Parallax Integrated“. This new and very easily operable illumination control is integrated into the parallax adjustment and allows a better mounting solution. It also enables a better left handed use.

Although being very compact the illumination and the parallax adjustment show the familiar features: on the outer side the smaller and easy to operate illumination knob has 11 functional steps with “off” positions between each step. This allows more contrast on dark targets.

The bigger knob which is next to the tube operates the very precise side focus/parallax adjustment. It begins at close distances at 20 m and goes up to infinity.

Both knobs are clearly distinguished by size and rippling while the engravings of each turret can be read or adjusted while in shooting position – also with gloves.

LPI (Leucht-Parallaxe Integriert = Illumination Parallax integrated)



Targeting precision and clarity combined

The new M2F-2MOA reticle in the second focal plane is ideal for F-Class disciplines. It offers a free-standing dot with 1/16 MOA coverage and guarantees precise aiming.
Perfect for shooters looking for maximum accuracy at long distances.



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M1FL reticle

The M1FL is the latest development for shooting sports based on our well-known LRR-MIL reticle. Our goal was to design a fine mrad reticle in first focal plane, optimized for highest precision disciplines as well as for extreme long range shooting.


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M1FL reticle





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Technical Data

Weight (g/oz) 980–995/34.57–35.10
Length (mm/in) 442/17.40
Main tube diameter (mm/in) 34/1.34
Magnification 10–60
Objective diameter (mm)/(in) 56/2.20
Field-of-view (m/100 m)/(ft/100 yd) 4.4–0.8/13.3–2.3
Field-of-view [USA] (m/100 m)/(ft/100 yd) 3.74–0.64/11.2–1.9
Exit pupil diameter (mm/in) 5.6–1.0/0.22–0.04
Eye relief distance (mm)/(in) 90/3.54
Twilight factor 23.7–58.0
Transmission (%) >90
Focal Plane 1
Diopter adjustment (dpt) -3 to +2
Turrets (Elevation / Windage) DT II+ MTC LT / ST II ZC LT
Click value 0.1 mrad
Adjustment range elevation 23.5 mrad
Adjustment range windage ±6 mrad
Turrets (Elevation / Windage) MT II MTC LT / DT II+ ZC LT
Click value 0.5 cm/100 m
Adjustment range elevation 235 cm/100 m
Adjustment range windage ±68 cm/100 m
Parallax adjustment (m/yd) 20 to ∞/21.87 to ∞
Illumination 11 settings
Waterproof (m)/(ft) 3
Temperature range  
Storage (°C)/(°F) –55 to +71/–67 to +160
Function (°C)/(°F) –40 to +61/–40 to +142
Turret rotation cw/ccw
Color Black
Reticle M1FL, M2F-2MOA


M1FL retice Absehen M1FL Leer

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