The hunting riflescopes are offered with various versions of elevation and windage adjustment turrets. Most hunting BDC turrets are offered in cm or in MRAD since most of our hunting reticles are MRAD based as well. Only our 3-21x50 Exos is offered with MOA hunting turrets with a MOA reticle accordingly. All of these options are categorized via an abbreviation system which is explained in the dropdown called “Functions (Abbreviations)”.


Functions (Abbreviations)

BDC = Bullet Drop Compensation

BDC turrets are used to quickly adjust the reticle position to various distances beyond the original zero without removing any turret caps. BDC turrets feature easy-to-read marks and digits and are primarily suited to long-distance shooting or hunting. With one simple movement, it is possible to adjust the reticle to enable accurate hits on distant targets.

CT = Capped Turret

CT features the possibility to install a cap on top of the turret via a thread in order to avoid accidental adjustments.

LT = Locking Turret

BDC II and BDC II-B incorporates a mode lever which locks or unlocks the turret. With the mode lever pointing towards the barrel’s muzzle, the turret is locked. If the mode lever is turned towards the magnification ring, the turret is unlocked.

SZC = Sub-Zero Clicks

Sub-Zero Clicks are clicks which are below the engraved “0”. This allows for quick reaction without re-zeroing to weather conditions like air pressure or if your POI has changed due to the use of a suppressor or night vision device.



Posicon CT (Elevation and windage)

Posicon CT (Elevation and windage)

Capped (CT) Posicon turret adjustments elevation and windage

The Posicon (Position control) turret adjustments are color-coded and enables you to identify the reticle position within the riflescope at a glance. With the position indicator in the green range, the reticle is inside the ideal adjustment range. This eliminates any possibility of binding the adjustment within the riflescope body and ensures a simple and perfect way of zeroing. The red range serves as a warning: this reserve precludes the use of the full range of adjustment in the opposing adjustment’s direction (e.g. elevation vs. windage travel adjustment). The point of impact is moved by 1 cm/100 m on every click. A too low point of impact (POI) is corrected by rotating the elevation turret clockwise towards the letter H or U (= Up). If the POI is too high the turret has to be turned towards letter T or D (= Down). For windage it is the same procedure except with letters L (= Left) and R (= Right). After the rifle has been sighted in, the silver perimeter ring, with an index mark, can be rotated to serve as a zero indicator. The Posicon turret adjustment is a unique Schmidt & Bender feature and reflects our superb engineering and quality standards.

Available for: 3-18x42, 1-8x24 Exos, Polar T96 and Zenith Series


BDC II LT (Elevation)

BDC II LT (Elevation)

Lockable (LT) Bullet Drop Compensation II (BDC II) elevation turret with Sub-Zero Clicks (SZC)

The BDC II is primarily suited to long-distance shooting or hunting. The turret cap is released with a conventional Allen Key for zeroing and a retaining screw prevents it from getting lost. The turret combines an enhanced adjustment range with an effective BDC II locking function which avoids unintentional adjustment. Marks and numbers are in MRAD. The number “1” is standing for 1 MRAD which is 10 cm/100 m. It is equipped with 2 Sub-Zero Clicks (SZC) and is capable of 10 MRAD.

Available for: 3-18x42, 1-8x24 Exos and Polar T96 Series


BDC II-B LT (Höhe)

BDC II-B LT (Höhe)

Lockable (LT) Bullet Drop Compensation II-Ballistic (BDC II-B) elevation turret with Sub-Zero Clicks (SZC)

The BDC II-B turret gives the hunter the fastest and most precise turret dialing solution. The turret is similar to the BDC II but allows the operator to easily set-up their own calibrated turret according to the user specified ballistic coefficient. The BDC II-B turret provides 6 position indicators marked 1–6 which indicates 100–600 m/yrds. The position indicator can be placed at any position on the turret according to the ballistic coefficient. The new BDC II-B will be available from mid-2023.

Available for: 3-18x42 and can be retrofitted for Stratos, Polar T96 and 1-8x24 Exos.



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