Most hunting BDC turrets are offered in cm or in MRAD since most of our hunting reticles are MRAD based as well. Only our 3-21x50 Exos is offered with MOA hunting turrets with a MOA reticle accordingly.

Posicon turret adjustments

Posicon turret adjustments

Posicon adjustments are color-coded and enable you to identify the position of the adjustment of the reticle within the scope at a glance. This is truly a unique feature to Schmidt & Bender and serves as yet another gauge to our commitment to superb engineering and quality standards.

Beneath the capped turret, the Posicon finger adjustable turret serves as a valuable indicator while sighting in rifles.

With the indicator in the green range, the reticle is inside the square, or ideal, adjustment range, eliminating any possibility of binding the adjustment within the scope body.

The red range indicates adjustment settings are in the reserved, but usable, limits. At the same time, it serves as a warning that use of this reserve precludes the use of the full range of adjustment in the opposing adjustment’s direction (e.g., elevation vs. windage travel adjustment).

This means that the gunsmith or hunter is informed when zeroing in the rifle that there is still sufficient adjustment range available in each direction. After the rifle has been sighted in, the silver perimeter ring, with an index mark, can be rotated to serve as a zero indicator.


Bullet Drop Compensation (BDC) turret

BDC adjustments are used to quickly adjust the reticle position to another distance beyond the original zero without removing the elevation caps. These are primarily suited to long-distance shooting or hunting. With one simple movement, it is possible to adjust the reticle to enable accurate hits on distant targets.

Lockable elevation BDC turret (BDC II)

Lockable elevation BDC turret (BDC II LT)

The new lockable adjustment is released with a conventional Allen key, and a retaining screw prevents the adjustment cap from getting lost. Marks and numbers are in MRAD. The number “1” is standing for 1 MRAD which is 10 cm at 100 m. The BDC II is equipped with two Sub-Zero Clicks.


Single Turn II-Ballistic (ST II-B)

Single Turn II-Ballistic (ST II-B LT)

The ST II-B is similar to the ST II turret but allows the operator to easly set-up their own calibrated turret according to the user specified ballistic coefficient. The ST II-B turret provides 6 position indicators marked 1–6 which indicates 100–600 m/yrds. The position indicator can be placed at any position on the turret according to the ballistic coefficient. When using a silencer or interchangeable barrels, the position indicators are easy to adjust to the given environment-conditions. In the latter case it is also possible to use an exchangeable bullet-compensating turret cap which matches the weapon caliber. Marks and numbers of the turret itself are in MRAD. The number “1” is standing for 1 MRAD which is 10 cm at 100 m. It is equipped with ten Sub-Zero Clicks. This turret is also available with MOA click value and is capable of 37,5 MOA. For better orientation the MOA version has only marked the even numbers. The number “2” is standing for 2 MOA and 4 clicks each are coming up to 1 MOA. This version is equipped with eight Sub-Zero Clicks. A Mode Lever locks or unlocks the turret. The ST II-B turret gives the shooter/hunter the fastest and most precise turret dialing solution.



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