M1FL reticle



New M1FL reticle (FFP)

The latest generation of match reticles

The M1FL is the latest development for shooting sports based on our well-known LRR-MIL reticle. Our goal was to design a fine mrad reticle in first focal plane, optimized for highest precision disciplines as well as for extreme long range shooting.

Like the LRR-MIL, the M1FL has an interrupted center cross that can be illuminated. It features a fine, free-floating center dot with a coverage of just 0.32 cm at 100 m for precise shot placement and is surrounded by an interrupted center cross with 0.1 mrad gaps and dashes.

Up to the 5 mrad mark, the reticle is graduated in 0.1 mrad ­subtensions and can be used for holding and measuring over the entire range. For faster orientation, even graduation marks are made downward or to the right and uneven ones correspondingly upward or to the left. From the center, the markings are more clearly highlighted from the 2 mrad mark onwards so that they can be easily noticed even at lower magnifications.

On the horizontal axis, the markings before the 5 mrad mark make it easier to measure oval or round targets. On the vertical axis, the bars are divided into 0.5 mrad subtensions after the 5 mrad mark. On both axes, all 2 mrad marks are additionally numbered up to the 10 mrad mark.

The upper area of the M1FL reticle shows no markings in order to support target and impact identification. The vertical bar extends to the 10 mrad mark and also has a free-floating dot at each of the 5 and 10 mrad marks to allow zeroing above the vertical bar as it is especially common in Extreme Long Range shooting. On the horizontal axis, solid bold conical-shaped bars guide the eye toward the center especially at low magnifications.

What does M1FL stand for? "M1" (=Match 1) stands for the latest generation of competition/shooting sports reticles. As in the past, "F" (=Fine) stands for the fine line pattern and "L" (=Light/Illuminated) for the illumination of the reticle.


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