Fascination Hunting

The hunting products from Schmidt & Bender are divided into various ‚lines‘. These cover all applications in all price classes,
to premium standards of quality in all cases. From way back, the Schmidt & Bender Klassik line and the Schmidt & Bender Hungaria line have stood for timelessly elegant, visually striking and robust products that appeal to the ambitious young hunter and to the price-conscious traditionalist. This product line features everything: either variable or fixed magnification, illuminated or non-illuminated, driven hunt, rasied stand or mountain hunting. Those demanding more design and functionality will decide in favour of the Zenith line. Innovative as well as tried-and-true functions, FlashDot and Posicon, all combine to form an unusually elegant design with flowing lines that won the IF Design Award, a premium line that responds to almost every conceivable wish. If you also want the very latest and globally unique electronics and the ability to program the scope illumination on a computer yourself, you would then opt for a scope from the Stratos line. Over and above that, there is the Exos line with the 1-8x24 –
a previously unachieved magnification range and a 2-in-1 function for the fleeting game scope with an integrated true red dot sight, the hallmark features of this line. Anyone wishing a small, lightweight sight with an inch tube could select the first sight in the Summit line. Brand new are the three scopes of the Polar T96 line. With a maximal overall transmission of 96% and an optimized night transmission of above 93.5% these raised stand scopes define new standards of low light hunting. Nor does Schmidt & Bender compromise in any way with the various configurations: Optional quick adjustment facilities are available for most of the hide-hunting sights, as well as various reticles, tube bodies with and without a rail, and also a wide range of accessories.


The new Polar T96 line:

The brightest scope of all time. With its ‘Polar T96’ line of scopes, Schmidt & Bender unveiled a new era in highly transmissive scopes. Never before has a variable scope with 4x zoom succeeded in achiebing a transmission level in excess of 96 %. This makes it possible to use the very last rays of twilight successfully from an evening hide.

The new Polar T96 scopes are ideal hide-hunting sights, equipped with its 34 mm tube and the optional locking reticle quick adjustment with an incredibly large adjustment range for long-distance shots. The caps on the quick reticle adjustment unit can of course be engraved in a customer-specific manner for various different elaborations and distances, and are then easy for the customer to replace. The parallax adjustment of the 3-12x54 and 4-16x56 Polar T96 additionally provides optimal support for precise long distance shots. There is now a choice for the hunting sector in respect of the position of the reticle and illumination. A diffractive reticle in the second focal plane offers fine spikes and, thanks to the lithographically applied deflection grid in the centre, provides a very bright and clearly delimited illuminated dot in the centre of the reticle, while a classic illuminated reticle in the first focal plane offers an illuminated cross for use at twilight.

As already with the scopes in the Exos and Stratos lines, the Polar T96 line is equipped with a magnification change made of decorative anodised aluminium. This gives it compelling visual appeal with its elegant round shapes and unusually
slim design lines.


The Stratos line:

This innovative Schmidt & Bender scope line combines all the familiar benefits of these tried-and-true premium products
with innovative technologies of the future. The sights with a 5x zoom factor are equipped as standard with the programmable ‚Choose-your-Light‘ lighting unit that enables you to adapt the various lighting functions to the specific conditions of a given hunt, and to the personal preferences of each hunter, and to do so from a computer. The number and prevailing brightness of the various lighting levels can be selected individually, as can the activation and selection of the angle of inclination for the battery-saving disengagement function for the lighting unit when setting down or putting away the weapon. The FlashDot technology for the lighting unit was further improved for the scopes in the Stratos line, meaning that the luminous dot, completely invisible when switched off, now appears to be brighter. Nonetheless, at its maximum brightness setting, it retains its perfectly circular round shape. The brilliant lens provides uniform contrast across the entire field of view at all magnifications. Moreover, all scopes come with the Posicon adjustment and with the new lockable quick reticle adjustment function. Naturally, the classic lighting option can be chosen using a rotary switch on these scopes. In terms of ease of installation,
Schmidt & Bender is exploring entirely new avenues with the Stratos line. As well as the classic 30 mm ring installation
and the Schmidt & Bender light alloy convex rail, since the end of 2014, the popular 45° prism rail is also available.

At the present time, the Stratos line comprises 3 sights that cover all types of hunting perfectly. With the 1.1-5x24, the user has a classic driven hunt game sight with a FlashDot on the second focal plane. The 1.5-8x42 on the other hand is a typical universal lens with a reticle and FlashDot in the first focal plane, suitable for driven hunt as well as for hide-hunting or mountain hunting. The last, and the biggest, is the 2.5-13x56. Due to its luminous intensity, it is the ideal hide-hunting lens with a FlashDot and reticle in the first focal plane.


The Zenith line:

The tried-and-true premium products in the Zenith line are characterized not only by their exceptionally slimline and aesthetic shape but also by their superlative image quality and the high level of uniform contrast up to the edge of the field of view at all levels of magnification.

The unique FlashDot technology now used on many high end premium sights was first used in these sights and it offers an unusually bright and perfectly circular, round dot of light. It disappears completely when the lighting unit is switched off, providing an unobstructed view of the reticle and the hunting scene. Another first for the Zenith line was the change from smallest to largest magnification with a 180° turn of the rubberised and comfortable to hold magnification enlargement unit. Especially when hunting fleeting game, the ability to adjust rapidly to hunting scenarios as they develop and change is a great benefit. The replacement battery, invisibly integrated in the side cover of the Posicon adjustment unit, provides additional safety for the integrated automatic disengagement function on the lighting unit that cuts in after 6 hours. The Zenith line currently comprises 4 sights that provide ideal coverage for all types of hunting. With the 1.1-4x24, the user has a classic driven hunt sight with a FlashDot on the second focal plane. The 1.5-6x42 on the other hand is a typical universal lens with a reticle and FlashDot in the first focal plane, suitable for driven hunt as well as for hide-hunting or mountain hunting. The lens with the largest objective lens diameter is the 2.5-10x56 which, due to its luminous intensity, is the ideal hide-hunting lens with a FlashDot and reticle in the first focal plane. The last lens is the 3-12x50, ideal for long-range shooting. The reticle and illuminated dot are in the first focal plane, meaning that uniformly small coverage dimensions are possible at all


The Exos line:

The 8x zoom factor of the Exos line outperforms all existing limits, and delivers conviction with its technical finesses, examples being the CC mode, the FlashDot reticle in the second focal plane, the optional widespread LMZ prism rail or the lockable quick reticle adjustment facility. The innovative 1-8x24 Exos driven hunt sight enables you to shoot with both eyes open at its lowest magnification setting and, thanks to ist high zoom factor of 8, to use its greatest magnification to aim at long range with pinpoint accuracy. The CC mode enables the user to use the weapon with a single grip parallax-free at close range. The full-metal version of the magnification changer is unique in visual as well as functional terms, and it combines mechanical robustness with elegant design. The reticles in the second focal plane on the Exos line have extremely thin bars, spikes and filaments which,
although perfectly visible, permit minimum target coverage at rather low magnification stages.


The Summit line:

2.5-10x40 Summit – The giant among scopes. The 2.5-10x40 Summit combines the optical quality of a premium scope with the slimline and lightweight appearance of a scope with a 1 inch tube. When developing this scope, particular attention was paid to uncompromising performance and precision combined with minimization of weight and size. With its Posicon turrets and high-quality tempered lenses for superlative transmission, it also stands out by virtue of other technical features, of the kind otherwise only found in much more expensive scopes.


The Klassik line:

The tried-and-true sights in the Klassik line, in a more highly developed form, retain the classic shape and many of the technical details of the very first Schmidt & Bender sights. Optical brilliance, unusually high edge sharpness, ultimate precision - these features are the outcome of years of development work, carried out with great love of detail, all for the purpose of providing the hunter with an ideal tool for the job. The first scopes in the Klassik range, comprising burnished steel tubes in several sections, were manufactured on a lathe. Their adjustments were extremely simple. Nowadays, thanks to modern production technology, they are made of decorative, anodized aluminium from solid metal, and are then equipped with high-precision mechanical elevation and windage turrets. Modern lenses with complex multi layer coatings have superseded the simple optics of yesteryear to assure maximum optical quality. What has remained over these 55 years is the detailed craftsmanship and the genuine love of creating these high end products.

The Klassik line offers a wider variety of products than pretty much any other line. Sights with variable magnification,
illuminated or non-illuminated, are available, as are sights with fixed magnification. From driven hunt to long-range shooting - these is a suitable scope for all applications.


Mission Police & Military

The scopes intended for use by the police and the military are developed in close collaboration with the special forces of police and military around the globe. What they all share in common is their outstanding reliability and precision, enabling the perfect shot over short, medium, long and very long distances.

The versatile scopes in the PM II line cover every conceivable application scenario: from the use of a PM or PM II ShortDot scope on an assault rifle in house-to-house combat, to the use of a PM II High Power scope on a .50 BMG to engage tactical targets over extremely long distances. The world leadership role played by Schmidt & Bender PM II scopes was underscored significantly when it was used to win the Precision Sniper Rifle competition of the American special forces, drawn from Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps back in 2011. Prior to that, the 3-12x50 PM II emerged as the victor from a two-year test conducted by the US Marine Corps involving 25 other products, after which it became the scope used by the USMC. The products in the PM and PM II lines fall into various sub-groups. The products in the ShortDot line comprise the short sights with a size-thirty tube and FlashDot illumination, designed for use over short and medium distances. The other products in the PM II line comprise the sights on the size 34 tube for shooting over medium and long distances. These sights are available in a range of different variations in respect of their towers, illumination and reticles. This ensures that they can satisfy perfectly the needs of every application and the wishes of every customer.


The Ultra Bright line:

The latest military development is the PM II Ultra Bright line. This is an entirely new design, with rounder shapes and flat turrets. The primary consideration here is shooting in poor lighting conditions. With a transmission of 96 %, the two scopes can also assure optimum target acquisition at dusk without the need for any additional sighting aids. The 3-12x54 PM II Ultra Bright and the 4-16x56 PM II Ultra Bright introduce two entirely new marksman scopes to the market, of interest to police and military,
as well as to competition marksmen with high ambitions. This new product line also refined the specifications - a bigger field of view, a greater adjustment range and a comfortable exit pupil. All of these features will be welcome additions to a marksman. The ultra-precise parallax setting enables the perfect shot to be taken at any distance. The scopes in the PM II Ultra Bright line are available with illumination, and can be supplied with various tactical and sports reticles in the first focal plane.


The PM II Digital line:

The new PM II Digital line was developed on the basis of a specification for the optimum marksman situation. It combines the capabilities of a normal scope with the modern facilities of digital technology: The information from compatible external devices – laser distance measuring units, ballistics calculators or others – can be displayed at the touch of a button in the field of view of the marksman. This means that a marksman, lying prone behind the weapon, can retain a view of all information required for target acquisition, and it therefore able to concentrate on this specific mission. On this scope, it is possible at present to exchange data via a cable, or via a Bluetooth interface. Apart from the modified scope head, the scope remains unchanged as such in terms of its functions - and the scope can continue to be used as before, even without external devices.


The PM II High Power line:

The development history of the High Power line is almost as unusual as its scopes. When the USSOCOM was looking for a new scope for shooting at extreme distances, Schmidt & Bender was quickly there - it was to be a 9x zoom lens, and so it came to pass. The 3-27x56 PM II High Power became the first military scope to be developed with a 9x zoom factor, an adjustment range of more than 4 metres over 100 metres, a length of less than 40 cm and an incredible field of view of 13 metres. Then, when SOCOM decided in favour of this scope, it became a perfect success. With good reason too. As well as its extraordinary specifications, this scope combines all of the benefits of the tried-and-true 5-25x56 PM II PSR and the 3-20x50 PM II, making it the logical high-tech further development of existing products for use on current, new and future weapons systems.

The second scope, the 1.1-8x24 PM II High Power, established itself in the exclusive range of exceptional scopes in the High Power line. With a high zoom factor of 7.2, a 30 mm centre tube diameter and a ballistic special reticle with horseshoe structures and restrained dimensions for close-quarter battle, this is the ideal companion for urban warfare environments. The latest addition to the High Power line is the 5-45x56 PM II High Power. As well as the unusual magnification range, it is above all the ultra-flat and functional turrets on this gigantic unit that deserve mention among the Long Range scopes.


The PM II Ultra Short line:

The extremely short 5-20x50 PM II Ultra Short gave ist name to the ‚PM II Ultra Short‘ line. This scope measures less than
30 cm in length and is ideal for use on short, lightweight weapons and, with its short design, it also permits a combination with
a front-mounted night vision devise for accurate shooting during night-time deployments. The lower end of the magnification range is ideal for use with a tactical reticle while the unusually flat, lockable height turret provides a way of covering closer distances by fitting an additional red dot sight to the scope. The big field of view also provides perfect conditions for observation, and the large upper 20x zoom lens is ideal for the identification of targets at great distances.

The 3-20x50 PM II Ultra Short became the second scope in this range. This one answers the question of how short a scope with the specifications of a normal 3-20x50 PM II can be: In fact, it measures just 34.5 cm from ocular to objective lens and is therefore ideal for use in combination with a front-mounted night vision unit or a thermal imaging device.


The PM II ShortDot line:

Our PM II ShortDot scopes were tailor-made for mobile use in urban terrain and have been adapted continuously to suit the new requirements of these combat environments. The perfectly round red dot in the first or second focal plane can be switched off altogether, and it assures quick and optimum target acquisition. Its brightness can be adapted to suit any situation – from night vision capability to fierce sunlight, and it disappears automatically when switched off to facilitate unobstructed observation of the target, which is of particular benefit at high levels of magnification. The 30 mm tube for most of the scopes in this line was selected for minimum weight, and the lockable turrets were specifically developed for safe transport. The coin slot enables turrets to be zeroed very easily. And of course, they are available with suitably adapted ballistic engraving.


The PM II line:

Our world-famous PM II line comprises the 3-12x50 PM II and 5-25x56 PM II scopes that really made a name for themselves through deployment with the American USMC special forces as well as by the US Navy, Air Force and Army. However, other scopes in this same line also enjoy a superlative global reputation. Whether the 3-20x50 PM II, in use since 2011 on the German Army‘s G28, or the basic configuration of the 3-12x50 PM II without parallax adjustment used by the SEK. Above all, this line is characterized by its wide range of configurations. A vast array if turrets like the classic Single Turret, the Tigerente [‚Tiger Duck‘] or the more recent lockable Double Turret with MTC clicks, various colours, special colour and laser filters facilitate optimum adjustment to suit personal requirements.


Passion Sports

In close collaboration with sports marksmen, Schmidt & Bender has developed the 12.5-50x56 Field Target and the 3-12x42 KK50 scopes specifically for the sport of marksmanship. The well-proven, zero-backlash parallax compensation of our tactical scopes enables us to achieve superlative levels of measuring precision of between 9 and 70 metres. Any accidental heating of the scope caused by sunlight is minimized by the visually attractive titanium surface design. In the new revised version of the Field Target scope, the influence of ambient temperature is minimized and a scope has been developed with a hitherto unachieved level of stability and precision for sports marksmen. There is a range of different Field Target reticles, available for the second as well as for the first focal plane. The scope of delivery includes a quick reticle adjustment feature, a sun visor, an indicator parallax including a liquid level and a magnetic clip-on sidewheel. The parallax compensation is now engraved from
9 metres to infinity, making the scope also suitable for other competitive marksmanship disciplines. It is the perfect partner for sports marksmen and championship contenders, compelling not just for ist performance but also for its elegant appearance.



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