12-50x56 PM II/P

The superb image quality even on 50x power as well as the fine 0.25 cm click value adjustments makes the 12-50x56 PM II perfect for Benchrest and F-Class competition. Even though the parallax adjustment/side focus is going down to 10 m it is Schmidt & Bender´s highest magnifying riflescope. For those who are notoriously detail-orientated in handloading ammunition and individual gunsmithing our manually assembled 12-50x56 PM II is the subsequent choice for a setup which demands the best.


tz 12-50x56 PM II/P

Unit A B C D E F G K L


Technical Data

Field of  view m/100 m 3.50 - 0.90
Exit pupil mm 4.55 - 1.18
Eye  relief  distance mm 70
Twilight factor 26.5 - 53.0
Transmission >=90% at 450-600 nm min.
Optical data dptr. -3/+2
Parallax adjustment 10 m - ∞
Weight g 1130
Color Black
Reticles P4F (SFP),
P4F (FFP),
P3 (FFP) – (On request),
P4F-MOA (FFP) – (On request),
SportF (SFP) – (On request),
P3 (SFP) – (On request)

Click value

Click value Elevation Windage Direction Elevation Windage
¼ cm 0-175 cm ± 16 cm cw MT ST
⅛ MOA – (On request) 0-75 MOA ± 14 MOA cw MT DT
⅛ MOA – (On request) 0-75 MOA ± 14 MOA ccw MT DT
¼ MOA – (On request) 0-65 MOA ± 16 MOA cw DT ST
¼ MOA – (On request) 0-65 MOA ± 16 MOA ccw DT ST

cw = clock wise
ccw = counter clock wise
ST - Single Turn; DT - Double Turn; MT - Multi Turn


P3 reticle P4F reticle P4F-MOA reticle
P3 (FFP) – (On request) P4F (FFP) P4F-MOA (FFP) – (On request)
SportF reticle P3 reticle P4F reticle
SportF (SFP) – (On request) P3 (SFP) – (On request) P4F (SFP)



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