1,1-5x24 Stratos


Stratos 1,1-5x24

Stratos Beleuchtungsknopf

The 1,1-5x24 model from the Stratos series is an elegant, light scope for the driven hunt with ultra-bright FlashDot in the second focal plane. The scope features an extra large 37.6 m field of view.

Like all scopes of the Stratos series the model is equipped with the new programmable "choose your light" illumination.

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1,1-5x24 Stratos

Dimensions in mm

Exit pupil 12,6mm - 4,8mm
Twilight factor 3,9 - 10,95
Field of view at 100 m 37,6m - 7,56m
Eye relief distance 90mm
Basic click system
Total adjustment range
1cm / 100m
1m / 100m
FlashDot Reticles FD0 / FD4 / FD7 / FD9
FlashDot Absehen FD0 FlashDot Absehen FD4 FlashDot Absehen FD7
FlashDot Absehen FD9