• 1-8x24 Exos
  • 2.5-13x56 Stratos
  • 2.5-10x56 Zenith
  • 2.5-10x56 Klassik
  • 3-27x56 PM II High Power
  • 5-20x50 PM II Ultra Short
  • 1-8x24 PM ShortDot
  • 5-25x56 PM II PSR
  • 12.5-50x56 Field Target

Exos Line

With their 8x zooming factor the scopes of the Exos series go beyond any limits that might have existed until now, including absolutely unique features such as for instance the CC mode or the FlashDot reticle in the second focal plane. Thanks to the zooming factor from 1 to 8 this classic 1-8x24 scope for the stalking and driving hunt may be shot with eyes open even at the smallest magnification, while also permitting a very accurate target acquirement at the longest distances using the highest magnification. With only one actuation the CC mode permits a parallax-free use at the closest distances. The fully metallic design of the magnification adjustment is unique in its appearance and function, combining mechanic solidity and elegant design. The reticles in the second focal plane on the Exos series scopes feature extremely narrow bars, spikes and filaments which, although perfectly visible, permit minimum target coverage at rather low magnification stages.


Stratos Line

The latest generation of Schmidt & Bender scopes combines all the popular features of the tried and true premium products with exciting innovative technologies for the future.

The 5x zoom scopes feature the new programmable "choose your light" illumination system, permitting the user to perform an accurate adjustment of the various different illuminating functions to the specific hunting situation and in accordance with the personal preferences of the hunter on the computer. The system not only permits the user to select the number and brightness of the various stages of illumination, he may also choose to activate and select the angle of inclination for the battery saving shutdown of the illuminating function when lowering and setting down the rifle.

The FlashDot technology has been further improved for the scopes of our Stratos line. When turned off the FlashDot will be absolutely invisible, while it will appear even brighter when turned on, maintaining its perfect circular shape even when set to the maximum brightness level.

On all levels of magnification the series’ brilliant optics offer an even contrast over the entire field of vision. On top of that, all scopes may be equipped with Posicon reticle adjustment and the new bullet drop compensation.

Currently, the Stratos line includes three scopes perfectly covering all hunting applications.


Zenith Line

The tried and true premium products of the Zenith line do not only stand out due to their extraordinary sleek and aesthetic shape, they also excel due to their superior imaging quality and high-level, regular contrast up to the edge of the field of vision in all stages of magnification. The inimitable FlashDot technology used in all high-end premium scopes today has been used in this series for the very first time and offers an exceptionally bright and perfectly circular illuminated dot, vanishing completely when the illuminating function is turned off, offering a clear view of the reticle and the hunting scene. What‘s more, the Zenith series scopes were the first where the adjustment from the lowest to the highest magnification was effected via 180° rotation of the comfortably tactile rubber adjustment knob, which is particularly important for the quick adjustment to the various hunting situations in the driving hunt. The spare battery packed invisibly into the side cover of the Posicon adjustment is an additional safety feature for the integrated automatic illumination switch-off after 6 hours of operation.

Currently, the Zenith series consists of 4 different scopes perfectly covering all possible hunting situations. With the 1.1-4x24 the user has a classic scope available for the driving hunt featuring a FlashDot in the second focal plane, while the 1.5-6x42 is a typical universal scope with a reticle and FlashDot in the first focal plane that may be used either for the driving hunt or for sitting game or mountain hunt. The 2.5-10x56 scope features the largest lens diameter which, due to its luminous intensity, is the ideal solution for sitting game with a FlashDot and a reticle in the first focal plane. Finally, there is the 3-12x50, the ideal scope for taking shots at very long distances with a reticle and dot in the first focal plane, permitting unvarying low subtensions in all stages of magnification.


Klassik Line

Through consequent development and updating the scopes of this series have evolved over the years into products with maximum level of reliability. Their form is favored in particular by those following a more traditional design concept. When it comes to optical brilliance, mechanical function and the solidity of the main tube and its anodized surface, these scopes leave nothing to be desired. Used by the thousands by hunters in the most difficult hunting territories of the world these scopes helped to build the legendary reputation of Schmidt & Bender scopes. These scopes are available with constant as well as with variable magnification.


PM II High Power

With its 9x zoom the new 3-27x56 PM II High Power model which, at the same time, is the first model of the new "PM II High Power" line is taking all zooming activities to a whole new level.

The scope is the ideal solution for long distance shots with the highest possible accuracy.

This scope combines all the benefits of the tried and true 5-25x56 PM II PSR model with those of the 3-20x50 PM II, representing the systematic technologic development of our product pipeline for the use with current, new, and future weapon systems.


PM II Ultra Short

The 5-20x50 PM II Ultra Short measuring less than 30 mm in length is the ideal scope for the use with short and light weapon systems and may, due to its short design, be combined with a night vision system to take an accurate shot in the dark.

The lower magnification is the perfect choice for the use with a tactical reticle. The remarkably low and lockable turret offers the option of covering short distances by mounting an additional red dot sight.

On top of that, the large field of vision is ideal for spotting and observation purposes and the upper, larger 20x zoom is the best choice for target acquisition at long distances.


Police Marksman Scopes

Our PM and PM II scopes are being designed in close cooperation with special law enforcement and military forces from all over the world. They are all characterized by their phenomenal reliability and precision, permitting an accurate shot at short, medium, long and very long distances. The multifaceted scopes of the PM II series cover any conceivable scenario of application: starting with the use of the PM or PM II ShortDot scope on an assault rifle in house-to-house combat up to the use of a PM II High Power scope on a .50 BMG to fight tactical targets at extremely long distances. The role of the Schmidt & Bender PM II series as the leading scopes in the world was reconfirmed, not least, after they won the Precision Sniper Rifle competition of the US Army, Navy and Air Force Special Forces in 2011. Prior to that, the 3-12x50 PM II won a US Marine Corps test carried out with 25 other products over the period of years, whereupon the scope was successfully introduced into the US Marine Corps. The PM and PM II series products fall into various sub-categories. The ShortDot series products include the short scopes with a 30 inch tube and FlashDot illumination designed for the use at short and medium distances. The other PM II series products feature a 34 inch tube for the shot at medium and long distances. These scopes are available in a multitude of various versions when it comes to turrets, illumination and reticles, offering the perfect choice for any conceivable application and customer requirement.