5-20x50 PM II Ultra Short

The 5-20x50 PM II Ultra Short measuring less than 30 cm in length is the ideal scope for the use with short and light weapon systems and may, due to its short design, be combined with a night vision system to take an accurate shot in the dark.


5-20x56 PM II Ultra Short

Dimensions in mm

Technical Data

Field  of  view  at 100 m 7,8m - 1,95m
Exit pupil 10,0mm - 2,5mm
Eye  relief  distance 90mm
Twilight factor 15,81 - 31,62
Transmission 90 %
Optical data dptr. +2/-3
Parallax adjustment 25m - ∞
Weight 870g
Reticles P4 fine / H2CMR / TReMoR2

Click value

Click value Elevation Windage Direction Single Turn Double Turn
1 cm 0 bis 170 cm ± 60 cm cw / ccw x  
¼ MOA 0 bis 56 MOA ± 14 MOA cw / ccw x  

cw = clock wise
ccw = counter clock wise


Reticles P4L fein Reticles H2CMR Reticles Police
P4L fein H2CMR TReMoR2
Reticles Police