The riflescopes in the PM II product line are offered with various versions of elevation and windage adjustment turrets. There are many types of adjustment configurations available. Our most popular adjustments are offered in the catalogue; others are available, via special order, on our website. We offer several options to include Single Turn or Double Turn, lockable or non-lockable, with either tactile or visible rotational indicators, more tactile clicks and with Zero Click and Sub-Zero Click functions. Distinctions are further made in terms of the units of measure for the adjustments; we offer centimeter/milliradian or MOA values. The turret’s direction of rotation can be counterclockwise, or clockwise. Special order configurations can incorporate extended lead times. Please note the catalogued list of options regarding the types of turrets that we offer:


Double Turn

Double Turn (DT) elevation or windage adjustment with visual rotational indicator, with a Sub-Zero Click (SZC)

This is one of our most popular and sought-after turret designs. It provides a visible rotational indicator and has two rotational settings. The indicator changes color during the transition to the second rotation from black to yellow, which corresponds to the yellow font on the turret. It is ideally capable of providing the adjustment travel needed for long-range shots.


Single Turn

Single Turn (ST) elevation and windage adjustment with optional More Tactile Clicks (MTC) function, Ultra flat Lockable Turret (LT), with a Zero Click (ZC)

This recent development of a lockable Single Turn turret is discernably flat and features an incredible 170 clicks with a more pronounced click at every 10th click (MTC optional). The locking action is triggered by pulling up the outer ring of the turret, and it is set by pressing it down again. A red symbol indicates the locked condition. Furthermore, it incorporates a Zero Click. This represents an incredibly low-profile adjustment option for the 5-20x50 PM II Ultra Short model.


Single Turn

Single Turn (ST) elevation and windage turret, with Locking Turret (LT), with a Sub-Zero Click (SZC)

This straightforward and highly effective elevation and windage adjustment is for specific PM II models. The individual clicks are clearly tactile when turned and can be set precisely and individually. It also incorporates a Locking Turret design. The locking feature and turret are operated by pulling up on the perimeter of the turret, adjusting to your chosen setting, and pushing it down into place to lock it again.


Single Turn

Ultra flat Single Turn (ST) with a Zero Click (ZC) and locking (LT) for ShortDot

This is the flat version of a Single Turn with ZC for ShortDot riflescopes. The locking mechanism is released by pulling up the outer ring, and fixed into place by pressing down again. In this state the word ‘Locked’ in red lettering is visible. The flat construction allows a clear view of the target with both eyes.


Single Turn

Single Turn (ST) with Zero Click (ZC) and locking function (LT)

This turret has a more noticeable click on the zero, allowing a quick return to the starting position. The locking mechanism is released by pulling out the outer ring, and fixed into position by pressing it back in. In this state the word ‘Locked’ in red lettering is visible.



Single Turn

Single Turn (ST) adjustment with More Tactile Clicks (MTC) and Zero Click (ZC)

This turret design was delivered to the United States Marine Corps (USMC) and has been successfully in service since then. It is the only turret from Schmidt & Bender which also has More Tactile Clicks on the windage.



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